Experience Il Palio

Dine with family and friends


If you have an appetite for food that radiates flavor, come visit Il Palio in Connecticut. And if you have an appetite for spectacle, check out the thrilling Il Palio Race in Siena. Either way you’re sure to be rewarded!

A Vision

Extraordinary dining in a true Tuscan setting. This was the dream and the reality that Bob Scinto brought to life right here in Shelton, Connecticut.

Outside, Il Palio boasts exciting hand carved sculptures that depict the Palio Race in Siena; inside, frescoed walls are bathed in golden light and imported marble floors create a warm, inviting environment.

And of course Margherita’s passionate cooking will arouse your senses and transport you to the beautiful Italian countryside. Come and experience the pure simple joy of the new Il Palio by Margherita Aloi, the jewel of Enterprise Corporate Park.

Energy. Motion. Excitement. Passion.

That’s what you’ll find if you’re ever lucky enough to see Il Palio in person. This breathtaking medieval horse race takes place twice a year in the Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy. At first look, the jockeys are simply vying for the beloved hand painted silk banner and the blessings of The Madonna.

But wait, in reality there is much, much more. Each Sienna citizen is born, baptized and even married into one of ten ‘Contrada’ or districts. This goes back to the Middle Ages and you must pledge your loyalty to your contrada’s team and jockey. While this loyalty usually lasts a lifetime, like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, there are strong alliances and bitter rivalries – and it’s still not a great idea to marry outside of your contrada.

To add to the excitement, jockeys ride bareback, armed with whips, and race 3 times around the square. There are no rules. Imagine, if your horse crosses the finish line first – even without the jockey – you win. History, tradition, pageantry, Il Palio is a thrilling event that you’ll never forget. And if you decide to go to the race, start your vacation early at Il Palio, the restaurant. You’ll be delighted.